IBAC policies

Health, safety and wellbeing strategy

At IBAC we are working hard to provide a healthy and safe environment for team members and to make sure wellbeing is front of mind when we interact with the community and the public sector. Our work is challenging and important – we expose public sector corruption and police misconduct. We front up to this mission every day because we all want a public service that acts in the best interests of Victoria, and to do this we need a physically healthy and psychologically safe workplace. I’m proud to launch this Health, Safety and Wellbeing Strategy, which builds on strong foundations to drive a safetyconscious culture. This Strategy highlights the importance of leaders championing our values and promoting our focus on mental health and wellbeing.

It also recognises that safety is everyone’s busines – we all need to look out for each other, co-operate and comply to occupational health and safety workplace practices, speak up and report risks and incidents. We will implement this Strategy over the next three years, and look forward to celebrating improvements in health, safety and wellbeing during that time. I believe the best is yet to come at IBAC. What we’ve achieved since our inception less than a decade ago is impressive. Building strong cultures of integrity across the public sector requires patience and strength. To do this, we will continue to evolve the way we work and make sure that every person we work with feels safe and supported.