IBAC Insights (newsletter)

IBAC insights issue 33

As the end of the year fast approaches, many will be aware, the end of my five-year term at IBAC is also very near.


The September 2022 issue of IBAC Insights includes a message from our Commissioner, a statement on corruption risks in the lead up to an election, investigation updates, a podcast about working with diverse communities, and more.



Why good governance matters: best practice for public entity boards. Learn more about the responsibilities expected of public entity boards, and the integrity obligations placed on individual board directors.

Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference. Australia’s leading anti-corruption event brings together Australian and international anti-corruption experts to speak on risk identification and management, emerging trends and innovative approaches to combat corruption and heighten workplace integrity systems. The conference includes plenary sessions, discussion panels and workshops, and provides opportunities for developing professional networks across a wide range of jurisdictions and expertise.


Knowledge sharing

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IBAC is committed to developing resources to help build the capacity and knowledge of the public sector to prevent corruption. To suggest resources for IBAC Insights, contact us at communications@ibac.vic.gov.au.