Report corruption or misconduct

There are two ways to tell IBAC about public sector corruption or police misconduct.

Make a complaint

Make a complaint

A formal way to notify IBAC of public sector corruption or police misconduct. A complaint should detail the alleged conduct, including who was involved, what occurred, where and when, and may include supporting documentation.

  • Complaints can be anonymous
  • Every complaint received is assessed to determine if it is a protected disclosure
  • Complaints may be investigated by IBAC, referred to another agency or dismissed. Learn more about possible complaint outcomes.
  • If you leave contact details, IBAC may contact you seeking further information. IBAC will inform you of the outcome of your complaint, normally within 60 days. 


Provide information

You can give IBAC information about public sector corruption or police misconduct without making a formal complaint. Information you provide may assist with investigations or corruption prevention initiatives.

  • You can provide information anonymously
  • Provide as little or as much information as you have
  • If you leave contact details, IBAC may contact you seeking further information
  • No feedback will be provided on the progress or outcomes of the information you’ve provided.

If you need help or want to speak with us in person, please call 1300 735 135.

Complaints must be provided in writing and are not accepted over the phone. Use the online complaint form or other reporting methods.

Please note: IBAC is not a complaints resolution body.

Under the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission Act 2011 a person may make a complaint to IBAC about conduct they believe may be corrupt conduct. IBAC must dismiss, investigate or refer complaints received.

What is corruption or misconduct?

IBAC accepts complaints and information about:

The definitions at these links will help you understand what public sector corruption or police misconduct is, and what IBAC will investigate.

If your complaint or information isn't about public sector corruption or police misconduct, find out which agency you should contact.

Do you have to notify IBAC?

All heads of public sector bodies must notify IBAC of suspected corrupt conduct using the mandatory notification form. Public sector bodies that can receive protected disclosures must also notify IBAC of potential protected disclosures.

You will be protected

IBAC handles your information and personal details carefully and in accordance with relevant legislation. If you are still concerned about your privacy, you can choose to make a complaint or provide information anonymously.

Find out more about your privacy options and protected disclosures.