How we're accountable

We are independent and accountable to all Victorians.

We’re scrutinised by various federal and state bodies, including the:


A pictorial breakdown of who oversees IBAC


  • Commonwealth bodies

    Commonwealth Ombudsman

    • Inspects IBAC's use of stored communications warrants



    • Receives reports on IBAC's telecommunications interception and stored communications warrants


    Victorian bodies

    Supreme Court and Magistrates' Court

    • Receive reports on IBAC surveillance device warrants


    Special Minister of State

    • Receives reports on telecommunications interceptions warrants


    Public Interest Monitor

    • Reviews our applications for surveillance device and telecommunications interception warrants


    Parliamentary Committee

    • Monitors and reviews our performance and functions
    • Examines reports published by IBAC



    Receives reports on:

    • telecommunications interception warrants
    • surveillance device warrants
    • assumed identities


    Victorian Inspectorate

    • Monitors our compliance with the IBAC Act and other laws
    • Oversees our performance under the Public Interest Disclosures Act
    • Receives and investigates complaints about IBAC

Reports about our activities are publicly available

Our annual reports outline our performance against our key priorities and actions. We also report on:

  • outcomes of investigations
  • system reviews
  • corruption prevention initiatives.

Our service charter explains what to expect when you make a complaint to IBAC.