Our people

Organisation structure

IBAC's organisation chart, showing how prevention and communication, corporate services, operations and assessment, review, compliance and legal all report to the CEO and Deputy Commissioner before reporting to the Commissioner.

  • Stephen Farrow, Deputy Commissioner for IBACIBAC's Commissioner is an independent officer of Parliament and drives our strategic leadership.

    Stephen Farrow joined IBAC in July 2021 as Deputy Commissioner. He was appointed Acting Commissioner in December 2022.

    Mr Farrow began his career as a solicitor and has extensive experience in public law and policy. He was previously the full-time Deputy Chairperson of the Adult Parole Board - the first non-judicial officer in the board's 64-year history. He was CEO of the Sentencing Advisory Council and has held roles in the Department of Justice and Community Safety, focusing on terrorism and criminal law reform.

  • An image of Marlo Baragwanath, IBACs Chief Executive OfficerOur Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the general conduct and effective, efficient and economical management of IBAC's functions and activities.

    Marlo Baragwanath joined IBAC in January 2020. She was previously the Victorian Government Solicitor and led the Victorian Government Solicitor's Office. She began her public sector career at the Victorian Ombudsman and went on to hold senior roles at WorkSafe and the Victorian Building Authority.

    Ms Baragwanath holds a Law (Honours)/Arts degree, and a Master of Public Administration and Public Policy.

  • IBAC's Deputy Commissioners assist the Commissioner, performing duties and functions under the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission Act 2011.


    An image of David Wolf, one of IBACs Deputy Commissioners
    David Wolf, Deputy Commissioner

    David Wolf joined IBAC in January 2020, bringing a broad range of skills, expertise and deep understanding of regulatory, integrity, communication, public sector and council administration matters. Prior to joining IBAC, Mr Wolf was Victoria's inaugural Chief Municipal Inspector and head of the Local Government Inspectorate. He has also held positions as Director at the Victorian Building Authority and Deputy Director of Communications at the former Department of Planning and Community Development.














    Image of Kylie Kilgour, Deputy Commissioner for IBAC
    Kylie Kilgour, Deputy Commissioner

    Kylie Kilgour joined IBAC in January 2021, bringing with her significant expertise and deep understanding of police regulatory, integrity and administration matters. Ms Kilgour was the CEO of the Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants (December 2018 to November 2020).

    Ms Kilgour has also held various senior leadership roles with the Department of Justice and Community Safety and worked as a lawyer in London and Sydney. Ms Kilgour has a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws and was admitted as a legal practitioner by the Supreme Court of NSW in 2001.








  • An image of Stavey Killackey, Executive Director Legal, Assessment and Review and ComplianceStacey Killackey joined IBAC in May 2021. Ms Killackey leads IBAC's Legal, Assessment & Review, and Compliance teams. Her previous roles include Director, Workplace and Education Law at the Department of Education and Training. She is an experienced lawyer who began practising in 2000, primarily in workplace relations and litigation, and in community legal practice in Darwin. Prior to working in government, Ms Killackey was at Corrs Chambers Westgarth.

  • Image of Peter Morris, Executive Director OperationsPeter Morris joined IBAC in October 2021. Mr Morris leads the Digital Forensics & Collections, Surveillance and Investigations teams. He is an experienced leader with significant experience across law enforcement and professional services firms. Previously he was a Partner in Deloitte’s Forensic practice, specialising in fraud and corruption risk management. Mr Morris commenced his career as a sworn member with the Australian Federal Police and worked across a range of divisions including criminal intelligence, fraud and general crime.

  • Anna Higgs started with IBAC in September 2023. She currently leads IBAC's Finance & Procurement, Information & Digital Services, Strategy & Risk (including corporate strategic planning) and People, Culture & Capability teams. She has experience across a broad range of functions and disciplines including finance and procurement, project management, governance, strategy and audit. Ms Higgs worked as an executive at the Labour Hire Authority, Department of Justice and Community Safety and Victorian Auditor-General's Office prior to joining IBAC.

    Ms Higgs holds a Master in Business Administration, is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Fellow Certified Practising Accountant.​

  • Image of Linda Timothy, Executive Director Prevention & CommunicationDr Linda Timothy joined IBAC in February 2022. Dr Timothy leads IBAC's Strategic Intelligence, Prevention Policy & Research, Communication and Engagement teams. She commenced her career as a researcher in the UK where she published several peer reviewed research papers. She is an experienced leader with significant experience across public policy, stakeholder engagement, marketing and communications, as well as delivering organisational and legislative reform.

    Dr Timothy holds a Bachelor of Science, a PhD in Life Sciences and has completed the prestigious Williamson Community Leadership Program.