Our accountability

We are independent and accountable to the people of Victoria.

We are subject to scrutiny by various federal and state bodies, including:

A pictorial breakdown of who oversees IBAC


  • Commonwealth bodies

    Commonwealth Ombudsman

    • Inspects IBAC's use of stored communications warrants



    • Receives reports on IBAC's telecommunications interception and stored communications warrants


    Victorian bodies

    Supreme Court and Magistrates' Court

    • Receive reports on IBAC surveillance device warrants


    Special Minister of State

    • Receives reports on telecommunications interceptions warrants


    Public Interest Monitor

    • Reviews our applications for surveillance device and telecommunications interception warrants


    Parliamentary Committee

    • Monitors and reviews our performance and functions
    • Examines reports published by IBAC



    Receives reports on:

    • telecommunications interception warrants
    • surveillance device warrants
    • assumed identities


    Victorian Inspectorate

    • Monitors our compliance with the IBAC Act and other laws
    • Oversees our performance under the Public Interest Disclosures Act
    • Receives and investigates complaints about IBAC

Reports about our activities are publicly available

Our annual reports outline our performance against our key priorities and actions. We also publish public reports on:

  • outcomes of investigations
  • system reviews
  • corruption prevention initiatives.


Our service charter explains what to expect when you make a complaint to IBAC.

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