Corporate reports

The IBAC Plan 2021-25

Informed through consultation and engagement with key stakeholders and employees, The IBAC Plan 2021–25 sets out our strategic direction and priorities for the next four years. It builds off our past achievements and guides us towards making an even greater impact in the interest of all Victorians.

Set out in four strategic pillars, The IBAC Plan documents our strategy to improve how we identify, expose and prevent public sector corrupt conduct and police misconduct. Over the next four years, we will work to:

  • educate and build the capability of the public sector to actively resist corrupt conduct
  • ensure our independent police oversight activities are targeted and transparent and better meet the needs of Victoria’s diverse and vulnerable communities
  • foster a connected, inclusive, and flexible organisation where all employees are encouraged to be, and do, their best
  • collaborate with the public sector, Victoria Police, other integrity and oversight bodies to share insights, learn from each other and deliver shared outcomes.

This is the start of a four-year journey. Acting in the interests of all communities, using evidence to guide our thinking and through strategic collaboration, we can achieve our vision of a public sector and police that acts with integrity for all Victorians.